Wednesday, May 22, 2013

She is All Girl

This was our week last week...... (well the good stuff anyway, I could put a picture of Avery's puke in there but no one wants to see that, or do you, you weirdo)
Does this not epitomize a girly girl? I love it.

Playing in the tub with dish soap colored foam...for like an hour and  half, it was awesome

Its hard to tell in this picture, but that diaper is hanging on by a thread, her front has zero coverage....preparing herself to potty train maybe? 
This Avery child of mine keeps me on my toes, scratches my back when I ask her too (best thing I have EVER taught her), knows exactly how to push my buttons, is becoming a little nicer to her baby sister (still working on that one), loves Elmo and lets us know by running around the house half singing, half chanting his name ALL day, calls her milk "Apple" and pretty much all food for that matter its all Apples, makes me kiss her blankie and puppy before bed, gives me a 3.5 hour nap almost everyday (I'm gonna miss that nap someday), starts freaking out with crazy excitement when she hears the garage door open at 4:30pm when daddy comes home, loves to sing, especially the "Hello Song", loves to dance her little heart out, still rocks back and forth in chairs, against walls, whatever. 
She is a spunky little thing and I love her to pieces....still coming to terms with the fact that she will be TWO next month.

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  1. she is hilarious. i'm glad she didn't throw up AGAIN this week. i'm going to remember that back scratching thing...