Monday, July 7, 2014

Project Status: Complete!

I finally finished upholstering a chair I started upholstering oh...I don't know...something like 3-4 months ago. I had this chair stripped to the bare bones for almost all of this time, it was just waiting to become beautiful. And Steve was threatening to take it to the dump if I didn't finish it soon (the man likes his garage clutter-free, what can I say?). So with a little kick in the rear to get me back into upholstery mode, I got it done in a few days.



So glad to have this project off my "pending list". Now I am allowed by my husband to start nursery projects, haha, okay, he isn't a tyrant but he has to lay down some rules sometimes because I am insane. He is my voice of reason.


  1. you ARE insane. but very talented. that's super cute.

  2. turned out very very nice! You are really quite amazing little lady.