Sunday, July 20, 2014

I lost a friend today...

By the way this is Steve writing not Ginger, so if it's not very witty or charming that's why.  Sad to say that yesterday I lost a good friend of mine.  He and I passed through good times and hard times.  He was there to keep me company in work and play, running or driving the car, mowing the lawn, putting up a gutter, teaching kids Spanish.  If my friend could speak it would be volumes.  Let me tell you how he died.

I was in my room checking my email when I heard a pop and WHIIZZZZZ.  I turned around to see a cloud of smoke coming from my beloved ipod.  It was seated in its off-brand docking station (probably the reason it blew up), and it was about to explode.  I quickly got up and ran to it.  My first reaction (and not a good one) was to grab it to see if I could revive its burnt body.  I no sooner grabbed it when my fingers recoiled in horrific pain.  The ipod was so hot it burnt my fingers (just second degree burns no big deal).  So I went for the power cord and yanked it out of the socket.  The room was full of smoke and stunk like melted electronics.

That little buddy had all my favorite music on it, 8 GB worth.  Luckily I have a poopy ipod with a cracked screen to keep me going until I can find a new one.  It's only 4 GB, but who needs to listen to more than 500 songs anyways.  Farewell my black electronic friend!