Saturday, July 26, 2014

Williams Family Reunion 2014

And the summer travelog continues....we went camping, with my immediate family a couple of weeks ago. Camping with kids is so exhausting, but thankfully both of our girls slept pretty well for the most part. That makes a huge difference in the overall experience. So, thank you, children.
We got dirty and the girls had fun playing with cousins galore. Like most campouts, we had lots of good food (a few too many red vines), card games, camp fires, swimming at the Legacy Lodge pond, and even a movie on the big screen courtesy of the Nelson's. I was a little sad it didn't rain on us at all, but it was nice not having to deal with that element, especially since last year we all thought we were going to straight-up die in our tents as trees were crashing down around us that were struck by lightening. That was seriously one of the most terrifying  and longest nights of my life.
Here on some pictures so can feel as though you were camping with us.....

 Until next year....when we will have 3 kids in a tent with us...yikes.

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