Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last week's adventures

Last week was an interesting one. Thursday after work, I was making my little way home, and trying to be quick about because Steve and I were attempting to make it to the six o' clock session. But my journey was slightly impeded, mostly because I slammed my car in the the back of a really nice Sequoia. Good work on my part, i know. I have never been in an accident before. Thankfully I wasn't hurt and neither was the lady I rammed into like a billy goat, but my car did not fare nearly as well. Currently my escape resides in an auto body shop. While dealing with the lady I hit, the cops and calling Steve, my main focus was to stop my hands from shaking and NOT to cry. I cried later, and realized that my life actually will go on. These are the times we are grateful for insurance and for a brother in-law that is an insurance agent.
On a happier note, Steve and I got a kitten on Friday! We drove all the way to the back scary creepy deserts of Maricopa to pick up our free kitty. We named him Mate, not like the austrailian mate, but like the south american drink Steve decided to become temporarily obsessed with yesterday. Its pronounced MAW-TAY. He's kind of a freak, the cat, not Steve, but he makes us laugh. I forgot how kittens attack everything that slightly moves.
Anyway, so it was an eventful week. Hopefully I get my car back next week, otherwise Steve is going to have to give me vampire rides everywhere.

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  1. oh gag. sorry about your car. whats with your luck lately?

    i think he is a freak. your husband, that is. my grandpa used to drink mate all the time and its gross.

    yay for kitties!

    why am i always first to comment... is it okay that i'm your stalker?