Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today's Releif Society lesson focused briefly on New Year's Resolutions. I haven't made a list of resolutions since I was in junior high. I always felt like New Year resolutions gave people an excuse to improve themselves, and I would think, why do we need excuses to change? Shouldn't we want to improve anyway, everyday? Anyway, today I felt differently about New Year's Resolutions as women in the room shared what they were going to personally improve this year. It made me realize that I haven't consciously written down something that I need to work on in years. I'm not above New Year's Resolutions! I have lots to work on, but I decided, for now, to start working on developing a few good habits and as I succeed I'll gradually add more to my list. This is what I have so far: 1. I want to write in my journal at least every other day (I've tried the every day and it can become daunting). I haven't written in my journal once since I have been married. Its horrible, I used to be much better. I remember a talk given by President Eyring a few years ago. He said for an extended number of years, he has been writing down every single day how he saw the act of God in his life that day. I actually tried doing that, I was faithful for about two weeks (impressive right?) so not long, but it was a memorable experience and I remember feeling truly happy when I would look for things to write about that night. Every other day. We'll see how it goes, but I have high hopes. 2. This one is embarrassing and short-term. I still haven't sent out our Thank You notes from the wedding (four long months ago). I will send those out by the end of January. So for now, just two pretty small resolutions. Baby steps.

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