Sunday, January 24, 2010

Witness Protection Program

It appears that I have joined the witness protection program, or, even better, I'm like Jennifer Garner in Alias, except this is not a wig. I needed a change. Too bad it's not an act of me being noble, like Jo March in Little Women. Why am I comparing myself to all these fictional characters? I've no idea. But at any rate, check me out! and tell me it looks good and I made a good decision. I need soothing words to calm my regretful little soul.
At least we'll save on shampoo...


  1. Ginger that is the cutest hair cut on you. I was just thinking yesterday, that I am going to cut my hair and go blonde! Haha that is so funny. You look absolutly beautiful. I need to call you to see where you went. I yet to be happy with a hair cut. I may be brave. If I do, that mean all of us girls will have short, short hair. Is that lame? :)

  2. oh my shortness! you are so brave. but i agree with sharla, it looks darling. am i allowed to call you darling? i sound like my mother. well, whatever, you look good. at least the picture does... :)

  3. Super Cute Ginger! You would look beautiful if you were bald!

  4. Ginger your haircut is adorable. I am getting used to the dark color, but since that is your natural color, it will save lots of money on hair care. Scott used to say I could do anything I wanted with my hair and he would still love me, so I hope Steve inherited that attitude. If you are happy with it, that is the most important thing. Love you Mom Bell